I Can't Wait to Teach You How to Brew Great Craft Beer at Home!

My name is Ryan Hansen. I’m a passionate home brewer and I’ve even spent time brewing professionally, making 350 gallon batches at a time! Come check out my brewing adventures on Instagram, and DM me if you have questions!

Ryan Hansen | Brew Master – @BigBopBrewing

Why Not Just Buy Craft Beer?

A five-gallon batch of homebrew is 36 16oz pours and costs on average $40 in ingredients.

36 pours x $6 each =

$ 0 +
Tips, Gas, etc...

You Do The Math!

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You Will Learn:

  • Intro to brewing beer at home
    Intro to brewing beer at home
  • Brewing setup buyer's guide
    Brewing setup buyer's guide
  • Intro to grains, hops, yeast, & water
    Intro to grains, hops, yeast, & water
  • One-gallon stove-top brewing
    One-gallon stove-top brewing
  • Bottling and carbonating
    Bottling and carbonating
  • Cold Side fermenter overview
    Cold Side fermenter overview
  • Keg Anatomy (and keg carbonating)
    Keg Anatomy (and keg carbonating)
  • Full brew days with top gear available
    Full brew days with top gear available
  • Fermentation temperature control
    Fermentation temperature control
  • Fermentation and Dry Hopping
    Fermentation and Dry Hopping
  • Kegging
  • Oxygen free transfers
    Oxygen free transfers
  • Canning
  • Cider, Seltzer, & Wine
    Cider, Seltzer, & Wine

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm sure you'll enjoy the new hobby of brewing, but in the case that you can't commit, we've got you covered. Got questions? DM me on IG @BigPopBrewing or call me at (559) 317-7041